Entry Restrictions

What not to bring to the

Selfridge Open House & Air Show?

Safety is always the primary concern at air shows. Selfridge Air National Guard Base works very closely with local and federal authorities to ensure safety. Selfridge follows and enforces all security rules and regulations as required. You will notice extra uniformed security at the Air Show, both military and civilian. Camera and video surveillance are used for security purposes.

Regrettably, due to heightened security requirements items such as backpacks, coolers, and duffel bags will be prohibited on the airfield. Some exceptions will be made for items such as small diaper bags, purses 12” x 12” and folding lawn chairs, but visitors must submit them to security personnel for an inspection. Large purses (tote bag type) are not permitted.

Weapons and weapon replicas of any type are prohibited during the Open House and Air Show. Weapons include, but are not limited to firearms (regardless of permit), blades, and blunt objects. Patrons with firearms will be asked to leave the installation.

Alternatively, there will also be amnesty boxes at each entry point for leaving prohibited items behind prior to screening. There are no returns of items left in amnesty boxes.

All pets are prohibited from the Air Show grounds. Service animals assisting physically challenged guests will be authorized. At no time will pets be left unattended outside the area or in vehicles.

Since the show has no admission fee, you may leave and re-enter as you desire. Anyone re-entering will have to go through the security checkpoints again.


Prohibited Items:

Not allowed: Firearms, replica firearms, air soft guns, squirt guns, toy guns, anything that resembles a gun, knives, swords, or multi-tools
Not allowed: Pepper spray, mace, stun guns, bows, crossbows, or martial arts weapons
Not allowed: Explosives or fireworks of any kind
Not allowed: Personal drones (quad or hex copters), or radio control toys of any kind
Not allowed: Awnings, tents, beach umbrellas, or pop-up canopies
Not allowed: Outside alcohol, coolers, picnic baskets, backpacks, or duffel bags
Not allowed: Glass containers
Not allowed: Pets (service animals with proper documentation are allowed)
Not allowed: Bicycles, mopeds, roller blades, roller skates, skate boards, or hover boards
Not allowed: Lasers or laser pointers
Not allowed: Paint, signs, balloons, flags, or banners
Not allowed: Horns, whistles, air Horns, or other noise-making items
Not allowed: Campers, RV’s, tailgating
Not allowed: Illegal drugs.


Permitted Items:

  • One 12” x 12” Purse per person
  • Folding lawn chair and blanket
  • Baby food, baby medicine, baby stroller
  • Binoculars and Cameras
  • Water bottle; must fit within 12”x 12” size restriction
  • Hearing protection, sunscreen, hats