Guest Information

What are the dates of the Selfridge Open House & Air Show and Open House?
The 2017 Selfridge Open House will take place on August 19th and 20th.

What time is the Open House & Air Show?
Coming soon.

What time should I plan to arrive?
Early. Traffic will get more and more congested as the day progresses. We suggest that you plan to arrive early in the morning and make a day of it. Individuals that choose to start the drive to the base too late will have to deal with a lot more traffic than those that plan to arrive early.

How much is admission to the Open House & Air Show?
Admission and parking are absolutely FREE!

What is the performer schedule?
A list of performers is listed on the Performers & Attractions page. Unfortunately, the schedule is not solidified until the morning of the Open House & Air Show to allow for security, safety, weather or operational concerns.

Can I bring my camera/video camera/cell phone?
Yes. There are no security restrictions on these items. However, large camera bags are not permitted. Bring only necessary camera equipment, leaving extra attachments at home. A small fanny pack or camera vest is useful for carrying extra film and small lenses.

Can I bring water, drinks and/or food?
We will not turn away anyone carrying drinks or food in their hands, but backpacks and coolers with these items will not be permitted on the airfield. All items brought in are subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at the security checkpoint.

Can I bring a folding chair?
Yes. If your folding chair is one of the types that come in a carrying-case, please leave the case in your car.

I have small children. Can I bring a stroller/diaper bag/clothes change/etc.?
Yes. Strollers will be hand-searched at the security checkpoint. Please bring only necessary items in a small diaper bag, subject to hand-search at the security checkpoint. Large diaper bags will not be permitted. You can return to your vehicle during the show to get extra clothes, restock diaper items, etc.

Can my vehicle be searched when entering Selfridge Air National Guard Base?
Yes. To ensure safety at the Open House & Air Show your vehicle may be searched.

What happens if it rains?
The show will go on! The Open House & Air Show will take place — rain or shine both Saturday and Sunday. Open House & Air Show performers have high, low and flat routines to adapt to varying weather conditions. Schedules may be altered or delayed for periods of time if heavy rainfall occurs. All display aircraft, concessions and exhibits will be open if it should happen to rain.

Will an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) be available?
There will be several ATM’s available on the grounds of the Open House & Air Show and open house.

Will I be able to purchase an Open House & Air Show program commerating the 2017 Selfridge Open House & Air Show?
Yes, Selfridge Base Community Council volunteers will offer programs for sale that include a map of the airfield, great photographs of dozens of aircraft, and a complete history of the base.

Are personal tents or awnings allowed?

Will strollers and wheelchairs be available for rental?

Are there any restrictions on bringing weapons to this event?
Yes. Weapons including pocket knives, multi-tools, firearms, water guns, replica/toy weapons or pepper spray are not allowed and will be confiscated.

Is handicapped parking available? If so, where will they be directed for parking?
Yes, handicapped parking is available. If your vehicle has a handicapped license plate or windshield pass, you should enter the base through the main gate at Rosso Hwy. You will proceed with the rest of the open house traffic to the parking area. At the parking area, you will be directed to the handicapped section. Be sure to identify yourself to security personnel as someone requiring handicapped parking.

Can I fly my own plane into Selfridge Air National Guard Base?
Yes. A limited number of aircraft are allowed on base. Please see the General Aviation fly in procedures.

How do I get to Selfridge?
Selfridge is located east of Mt Clemens and north of Harrison Township, MI. The base can be accessed from I-94 by traveling east off of exit 241 (21 mile Road) or exit 237 (North River Road).

Can I ride a bike on the base?
No. We have safety concerns with allowing some people to ride bikes in crowded regions.

Can I walk on to the base?
No. The walking distance from base entry to the grounds of the Open House & Air Show is 2-3 miles. We do not have pedestrian walkways along those routes. Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow our guests to walk in close proximity to thousands of higher-speed vehicles.

Can I ride my motorcycle on base?
Yes. You are required to wear safety equipment, however. Individuals not wearing the following equipment will be turned away at the entrance to the base:

  • Helmets
  • Long sleeve shirts or jackets
  • Full-fingered Gloves
  • Long pants
  • Face shields
  • Eye Protection: Goggles, wrap around impact resistant glasses or full face shield properly attached to the helmet
  • Foot Protection: Sturdy over the ankle footwear. No sandals or low quarter sneakers. Riders will wear brightly colored outer upper garment during the day and reflective at night

Can I bring by Recreational Vehicle to the Open House?
Unfortunately, due to security restrictions, we cannot permit RVs access to the base.

Is camping or “RV”ing available on base?

Is the base accessible from the lake by way of my personal boat?
No, but you can park our boat and watch the show.

Are there any traffic or road closures that I should be aware of?
Rosso Highway (M-59) will be closed east of I-94.
Bridgeview road will be closed between North River road and South River Road.

What is “upgrade seating” seating?
More information on our Upgraded Seating optiong coming soon.

Where can I find more information about the base?
Please click on the About the Base tab to find out more.

I have a specific question not covered here. Who do I ask?
Click here to e-mail any additional questions.