Selfridge Open House & Air ShowCoin Design Contest

Help us celebrate the Open House & Air Show by competing in a contest to design a graphic that will be applied to the front and back of a coin that will represent this year’s event!

The concept of this project is to connect the base and the community and to celebrate ART, part of our STEAM theme.


All High School and College-age students, military members and their families associated with Selfridge Air National Guard Base are eligible to participate.

The design must:

  • Incorporate the words “Selfridge Air National Guard Base” or “Team Selfridge”
  • Be double-sided
  • Be distinctive, symbolic, and designed in good taste
  • Enhance unit pride and heritage
  • Be gender neutral
  • Not infringe on any copyrights
  • Be simple, clean, pleasing to the eye and family oriented
  • Small details may be lost due to the nature of the coin
  • Finish of the base coin can be either polished gold or polished silver
  • Colors on both sides, but not mandatory; if using colors, no more than five. Gradients will not work, solid colors preferred.
  • Clean and sharp designs are required due to the relief nature of the coin


  1. Complete submissions and signed release forms are due no later than 5 p.m. March 15, 2024.
  2. Your art should measure or fit an aspect ratio of 8.8” (223.52mm) wide by 8.8” (223.52mm) high.
  3. Your digital file must be a high resolution image of no less than 300 dpi.
  4. Include a brief (150 word max) “Artist Statement” explaining your design, your creative process and/or what the design means to you.
  5. Label your digital art files with your name – for example “JohnDoe_Front” “JohnDoe_Back”.
  6. AI generated artwork is not accepted. If the submission is determined to be AI generated, it will be disqualified.
  7. Submissions will be made to [email protected]


Submissions will be judged the first week of April 2024 by a panel of representatives from the 127th Wing and the Selfridge Base Community Council Open House and Air Show Committee. Winners will be announced on the website.


Prizes will be awarded by the Selfridge Base Community Council OHAS Committee for the top 3 designs.