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ANG Band of the Midwest

ANG Band of the Midwest

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The MMS (U.S. Army Medical Marketing Semi exhibit ) is just one of many mobile exhibits the MSB fields on an almost daily basis. The battalion has an entire fleet of vehicles including interactive semis, adventure semis and adventure trailers, along with the Army Extreme Truck designed to inspire interaction between the U.S. Army and American public.

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Redefine performance for the heavy fleet

The unmatched mobility and multiple capabilities of the Oshkosh® Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR) make it critical to mission success. With a 22.5-ton (20,412 kg) on-road/16.5-ton (14,969 kg) off-road payload and 600 horsepower diesel engine, it has the capacity and power to carry whatever the mission requires. It can haul flatracks, ISO containers, bridging equipment, boats and fuel containers. And it even loads and unloads flatracks from trailers towed by the LVSR. All adapters and lift hardware are stored on the vehicle, providing immediate operational availability.


Extended Cargo Truck

Whether moving personnel or supplies, the Oshkosh Defense® Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) extended cargo truck offers the versatility, mobility and durability to help assure mission success. Engineered with advanced and proven technologies like the TAK-4® independent suspension system, the MTVR extended cargo is built to go over even the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, delivering optimum performance on every mission.

Rock Wall

To train, educate and inspire well rounded warrior athletes who practice sound judgment and decision making while utilizing modern climbing gear and safety systems and fostering a competitive spirit that serves as a vehicle to develop leadership skills.


Chief Master Sergeant Ken Glidden is an Instrument Rated Pilot that owns and flies a Yak-52 and is a member of the Redstar Pilot Association. He has participated in the mass formation in Oshkosh and holds Single Engine Land & Sea as well as Helicopter certifications. He is a Chief Master Seargeant at the 110th Fighter Wing working with the MQ-9 Reaper mission. He has served for 34 years in both the ANG and formally the US Navy.

F-18 Hornet Top Gun Experience

Our F-18 Hornet Top Gun Experience Is a Real Hornet. She has distinguished history serving in the United States Navy. She was used as an Early Fleet Aircraft, with Combat History Over the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan. She was also one of the early Hornets assigned the United States Navy’s “BLUE ANGLES”. After an incident with her landing gear, she was taken out of service and used directly by Boeing in the development of the F-18 Super Hornet. She was then stricken from record and sold to a Private individual.  She served the next 18 years in a Historical capacity at the Tennessee Aviation Museum. In 2019, She was obtained by DreamBIG Entertainment, where she undertook Extensive Cockpit restoration. She most recently has been put into the Paramount Movie “Top Gun Maverick” Livery.

The Hangar

The Hangar was created to showcase the expertise of Air Force Maintainers, the ones who work every day in hangars and on the flight line to keep aircraft flying. This tour appeals to tech tinkerers and mechanically inclined individuals, and utilizes a range of technology, from LeapMotion to virtual reality.

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Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle

The F-15 is an affordable, low-risk solution that maintains capacity and adds capability to the U.S. Air Force while preserving the Air Superiority and Homeland Defense missions. Today’s F-15 offers next generation technologies including an advanced cockpit, AESA radar, digital electronic warfare suite, the world’s fastest mission computer and modern sensors to remain ahead of current and evolving threats. With more speed, more range and more payload, the undefeated F-15 is combat ready today.

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The Oshkosh Defense® MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) Family of Vehicles features an array of vehicle configurations for a wide range of mission requirements, force structures and threats. Whether a fleet has narrowly defined missions or expansive tactical demands, forces can be equipped with the right M-ATV variants to meet those specific needs while benefitting from a common platform and components.

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The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) is a lightweight, highly mobile, high-performance, diesel-powered four-wheel drive, air-transportable and air-droppable family of tactical vehicles. The HMMWV supports combat and combat service support units with a versatile, mission-configurable, tactical wheeled vehicle.

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The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) is a full-spectrum, combat-proven, all-weather, 24/7, lethal and responsive, wheeled precision strike weapons system. HIMARS is a C-130 air transportable wheeled launcher mounted on a 5-ton Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles XM1140A1 truck chassis organic/assigned to Field Artillery Brigades. The current HIMARS includes an increased crew protection armored cab. HIMARS supports an expeditionary, lethal, survivable and tactically mobile force. It will launch all Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Family of Munitions rockets and missiles. The HIMARS carries one launch pod containing either six Guided MLRS (GMLRS)/MLRS rockets or one Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missile.

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HEMTT A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker)

The Oshkosh® Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4 Recovery Truck or Wrecker, offers heavy-duty power and extreme performance for the most difficult recovery missions. It has the maneuverability to traverse any type of terrain and the power to recover vehicles weighing in excess of 30 tons, even those mired in mud, sand, water or snow. Manufactured with rugged, durable components, including a heavy-duty crane, winch retrieval system, integrated under cab protection and Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) B-kit attachments, the HEMTT A4 recovery truck is built for high-performance and long-lasting duty.

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The CH-47F Chinook is the Army’s only heavy-lift cargo helicopter supporting combat and other critical operations. The crew and aircraft you will see at the Open House are from Detachment 1, Bravo Co. 3-328th Aviation Regiment, at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

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B-17 Flying Fortress

The Flying Fortress is one of the most famous airplanes ever built. The B-17 prototype first flew on July 28, 1935. Although few B-17s were in service on Dec. 7, 1941, production quickly accelerated after the U.S. entry into World War II. The aircraft served in every combat zone, but it is best known for the daylight strategic bombing of German industrial targets. Production ended in May 1945 and totaled 12,726.

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UH-1 Huey

The UH-1 evolved from a 1955 U.S. Army competition for a new utility helicopter. The Army employed it in various roles, including that of an armed escort or attack gunship in Vietnam. The initial Army designation was HU-1, which led to the common unofficial nickname of “Huey.” All U.S. armed services adopted the model as did several other countries, and it was redesignated in 1962 as the UH-1 under a triservice agreement. The USAF ordered the UH-1F Huey in the early 1960s for support duties at missile sites, and TH-1F variants for instrument and hoist training and medical evacuation.

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C-47 Dakota

By 1941, the old Air Corps had been transformed into the Army Air Forces, and it selected a modified version of the DC-3 — the C-47 Skytrain — to become its standard transport aircraft. The C-47 could carry up to 6,000 pounds of cargo. It could also hold a fully assembled jeep or a 37 mm cannon. As a troop transport, it carried 28 soldiers in full combat gear. As a medical airlift plane, it could accommodate 14 stretcher patients and three nurses. Seven basic versions were built, and the aircraft was given at least 22 designations, including the AC-47D gunship, the EC-47 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, the EC-47Q antiaircraft systems evaluation aircraft and the C-53 Skytrooper.

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